Teach Your Own…

…because nobody cares about your child’s education more than you do.

The mission of Teach Your Own is to bring the very best ideas, tools, research, and  resources to parents and families with the goal of helping all children develop to their full intellectual, emotional, social, and creative potential.

No matter where our children are educated — a public school, a private school, or at home — nobody else will ever care more about their education and development than we do.  Our sons and daughters may have other teachers, coaches, tutors, or mentors along the way, but as parents we are always in charge of their education. If your child is not thriving, if you’re looking for a better path to support them in their growth, there are many new educational options available to you.

Common choices lead to common outcomes, and the common outcomes in learning, test scores, and social skills are bad and getting worse. Are you ready to break out? I hope so, because the world is facing many challenges, and we need to equip the next generation with the knowledge, skills, and attributes that will help us find the solutions we seek.

To truly make a difference, we’ll all need to work together, though. So, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to:

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