An Epidemic of Passive Acceptance

Ben Calling 2Calling all those with “a contrarian spirit and a dash of up-yours rebelliousness”!

We have an epidemic on our hands, people. We are raising another generation of students who learn “passive acceptance” at school, and grow up to be adults who passively accept terrible jobs, horrible bosses, and a generally lower quality of life than what they yearn for.

As Alfie Kohn points out in his article “The Value of Negative Learning” (an article that is brimming with truth, overflowing with insight):

“Lots of people grow up and subject their own children to the same kind of schooling that they themselves barely endured. Some of these parents do so with enthusiasm (and flash cards), which is alarming; others just resign themselves to the inevitability of watching their children act out an excruciating slow-motion exercise in déjà vu, which is even worse. Apparently their mantra is: “If it was bad enough for me, it’s bad enough for my kids.”

If this is you, or was you when you were a kid, or sounds like somebody you know, read on… and then find your inner rebel!

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Lori Dunlap worked for almost twenty years in the corporate world, first as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and then at a large research university as a program director and adjunct faculty member. In addition to homeschooling her two sons, she writes regularly about education and parenting issues. You can read her blog at, or connect with her on Facebook:

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