BIG Day Today!

logo-imagesThis is a BIG day! I’ve been working for several months on a new service, and I’m announcing it today.
You may remember that I was asking homeschoolers lots of questions about their college admissions plans and concerns a few months ago. As part of some research I was doing for my book (due out this Fall!), I interviewed college admissions officers about homeschooled applicants, and one of the questions I heard again and again from them was this:
Where can I find more homeschoolers?
So, I looked into it. And I asked lots of homeschoolers where they prefer to be “found”. It turns out that there aren’t that many places, so I decided to create one:  THE UNCOMMON APPLICANT.
Development of the full web site is under way, and should be ready to launch this Spring. However, you don’t have to wait! You can be one of the first to meet college admissions officers who are interested in you by signing up for a free membership today. As a “thank you”, you’ll get a free download of our first report:
“Five College Application Tips for Homeschoolers”
All you need to do is head over to this link, where you can read a little more about The Uncommon Applicant, and sign up for your free membership and report:

See you there! (And feel free to share the link with others who may be interested.)

About Lori Dunlap

Lori Dunlap worked for almost twenty years in the corporate world, first as a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and then at a large research university as a program director and adjunct faculty member. In addition to homeschooling her two sons, she writes regularly about education and parenting issues. You can read her blog at, or connect with her on Facebook:

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