Writer, Speaker, Education and Career Coach


In my role as the Director of Career Development for the MBA program at the University of Arizona, one of the aspects of my job I loved the most was working directly with students who were at the beginning of their careers.  What an exciting and important time in their lives!

Whether working with a group in the Career Planning course, or one-on-one to match their interests and skills to their ideal job, I was energized each and every day by their desire to pursue their dreams. Since I also served on the Admissions Committee — reviewing applications and transcripts, reading essays, interviewing potential students — I had to opportunity to watch these young adults from the very beginning of their journey with our program through to the day when they had exciting job offers in their hand.  It was a true privilege to be part of that process.

I reluctantly left the university at the beginning of 2010 in order to dedicate myself more fully to my family, and to pursuing my long-held interests in research and writing.  As part of this transition I also began homeschooling my two sons when they were in 1st and 4th grades and, more recently, I have begun incorporating my love of coaching into my work, and now advise high school and college students who are seeking support in setting and pursuing their own educational and career goals.

My dream job title has always been “Professional Student”.  In all my years of working, though, I never did find anyone hiring for that position, so I had to create it for myself. Now I spend much of my time reading books about a wide range of topics — from educational psychology, to business, to neuroscience, to Buddhism — and writing about how we can apply the best and most compelling ideas and research from these and other fields to education and parenting. And I’ve just finished my first book about college admissions for homeschooled students, due out in 2017 — more information will be coming soon as the release date gets closer!

In the meantime, please take some time to check out a recent article and share your thoughts!  For more information about speaking and coaching services, you can contact me directly through the contact page.