There’s so much great information out there about learning, education, and homeschooling — it can be quite overwhelming! If you’re wondering where to start, or just looking for your next great read, here are a few of my favorite blogs and books* to consider….

Books I’m Reading Now:



“Ungifted” is one of those books that just makes so much sense. I’ve alternately sighed, slapped my head, and shouted in frustration as I’ve been reading Mr. Kaufman’s perspectives on intelligence based on his research as a psychologist with many references to his struggles in school. How have we gone so wrong in so many places in our education system?  Compelling, informative and, at times, jaw-dropping. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m already comfortable recommending it….






NBL“Natural Born Learners” is a collection of essays and interviews written by experts in unschooling, including a variety of teachers, parents, and students. If you’re interested in understanding what unschooling is and why parents make this choice for their children, this is a great read. If you’re considering unschooling your children, be ready — this book will convince you to go for it!






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