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I’m always thrilled to have the opportunity to speak about the topics I’m passionate about — from education and homeschooling, to parenting and psychology, to higher education and career planning.  Below are descriptions from a few of my recent, customized speaking engagements. Please contact me to discuss your group’s needs and interests.



As home-schooling families we are on the leading edge of a major shift that has begun in our educational system. With almost 2 million children in the United States now classified as “home schooled” (and growing at 7-15% per year), it is clear that more and more parents are realizing that there is a better way to educate their children and help them develop to their full intellectual, creative, and social potential.

This is how change happens, individual choice by individual choice, and it’s both exciting and inspiring to see. We are just at the beginning, though, of breaking out of the old model and shaping what will come next, and new educational choices that you may not be aware of are becoming available every day.

This session will describe some of the emerging educational options that may be of particular interest to parents of home-schooled children, including:
1. Full-time and part-time online schools
2. Internships and apprenticeships
3. Enrichment education opportunities
4. Dual-enrollment and early college options for high school students

By the end of this session, you will have a clearer view of the “uncommon” educational landscape, ideas for how best to prepare your children to take advantage of new options, and a list of resources to support you along the way.


As home-schooled high school students and their families consider post-graduation options, many struggle with the question of whether to continue on a non-traditional educational path, or to merge back on to the traditional college-bound one. Adding to the pressure and complexity of this decision are decreasing acceptance rates at many colleges (less than 10% at selective colleges), skyrocketing tuition rates, and a tight job market. Is a four-year degree, and all of the planning it requires, worth it?

In this session we will take a look at the rapidly-changing landscape of post-high school education, including traditional and non-traditional options. We will also discuss the critical factors to consider in making your decision whether to pursue a four-year degree or not, and key steps your child can take to stand out and effectively compete in any application process (whether for college admissions or job applications).

I will also share specific information including:

  1. The results of recent research related to college admissions officers’ views of applications from home schooled students,
  2. Profiles of home-educated students who are successfully pursuing their post-graduation goals, and
  3. Current and predicted employment trends you need to know about.

By the end of this session you will have a better understanding of post-high school options for your child, a list of criteria to consider in making your decision, and a list of resources to support you as you navigate through this transition.


Achieving a life filled with contentment and joy is not something that happens by accident – it’s a life you have to create, and anyone can do it. No matter how many roles you fill, and regardless of how long your “to do” list may be, you can design the life you are yearning for.   In this interactive keynote session you will learn what the latest research tells us about stress and how it impacts both physical and emotional well-being, and then work through a three-step process to develop your own personalized prescription for cultivating health and happiness.